Office of Regulatory  Research Compliance 

Howard University
HU Research Bldg 1
1840 7th Street, NW
Suite 309
Washington, D.C. 20001

Phone: (202) 865-8597
Fax:     (202) 232-5286

ORRC is located directly across  from the Howard University        Shaw Metro on 7th Seventh St.(Georgia Ave) on the third floor       of  the Howard University    Research Building-1.


The IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee is the institutional review board that oversees research involving the use of animals. IACUC is charged with the duty to protect animals used in research, ensure proper care, and oversee animal research facilities. IACUC reviews all research protocols where animals are considered for use.

The IACUC Committee is comprised of faculty members from various academic units throughout the University, the University Veterinarian, and non-affiliated community members.  The IACUC is chaired by: Emmanuel Akala, PhD, Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department.  Please contact the Office of Regulatory Research Compliance if you have any questions regarding the Howard University IACUC at 202-865-8597 or via email at

                                                          IACUC COMMITTEE CHAIR
     Emmanuel Akala, PhD
     Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee  (IACUC)
Office of Regulatory Research Compliance