Office of Regulatory  Research Compliance 

Howard University
HU Research Bldg 1
1840 7th Street, NW
Suite 309
Washington, D.C. 20001

Phone: (202) 865-8597
Fax:     (202) 232-5286

ORRC is located directly across  from the Howard University        Shaw Metro on 7th Seventh St.(Georgia Ave) on the third floor       of  the Howard University    Research Building-1.

                  PDF   Animal Welfare Assurance   

                  PDF   Action Steps to Secure IACUC Approval of New and Renewing Applications                     

  Word       PDF  Application Form A                                                                                                            

  Word       PDF  Application Form B

  Word       PDF  Application Form C

   Word      PDF  IBC Determination Form

  Word      PDF  Guidelines to Submitting a Request for Modifications

  Word      PDF  Instructions for Form Submission

  Word      PDF  Veterinary Services Booklet
Word      PDF  Notification of Exclusion Form    

​Word      PDF  IACUC Forms Submission Checklists                                                                                                 
Word      PDF  Researcher Credentials Form for IACUC       

Word      PDF  Risk Assessment OCHS Form      

Word      PDF  Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement                                                                                
Word       PDF  IACUC Pre-Application Checklist to Expedite The Application Process 
  Office of Regulatory Research Compliance
IACUC Forms and Tools
The forms below are the most common documents used to manage research that include the use of animals.  

Please make sure that you have the lastest version of Adobe Reader.